Things You Didn’t Know Were on a Cruise Ship

Although anchoring at an exotic port for the day is one of the most thrilling aspects of a cruise holiday, there’s also plenty on a cruise ship to keep you occupied, too. Many cruise ships today boast a wide array of facilities, all designed to keep you entertained while at sea. From sophisticated evenings spent perusing art galleries to polishing up on your surfing skills, a cruise ship can feel like a holiday destination unto itself.

We’ve scoured the oceans to find some of the most unusual and exciting activities on a cruise ship to prepare you for your next nautical adventure!


Take the weight off your feet with a skydiving simulator experience. The latest Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer this unique pastime on board, providing you with the opportunity to experience skydiving without ever having to leave the deck!

skydiving simulator

Zip Lining

Not for the faint hearted, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas features a zip line above its Boardwalk, allowing you to, well, zip from one end of the ship to the other. The views as you’re gliding along are incredible, although it’s up to you whether you want to look down!

Art Gallery

Many cruise ships boast their own art gallery, providing guests with the opportunity to play art critic for an afternoon or evening. Who knows? You may even see something that you might like to purchase! If you’ve had any professional photos taken whilst on the cruise ship, you’ll often be able to obtain these in the art galleries too.

couple looking at art in gallery


Settle under the glimmering stars and enjoy the latest blockbuster with one of Princess Cruise’s outdoor cinema events. What could be more perfect than settling down on deck, swaddled in blankets (and maybe a cocktail in hand!), with the night sky providing the perfect backdrop to this movie experience?


Royal Caribbean is at the forefront of cruise ship entertainment, and its Flow Rider surfing simulator is no exception! Learn how to tackle the waves on this state of the art simulator, and get tips from trained instructors along the way. You may even dock somewhere on holiday where you’ll be able to test your skills for real!

woman learning to surf

So, if you were worried about how to pass the time while at sea, fear not! With so much to experience onboard, you’ll never suffer a dull moment on your next cruise holiday.