Top 5 US Cities to Eat Seafood

Although we often associate America with juicy steaks and burgers, it’s a country just as famous for its seafood. From lobsters and clams to freshly caught salmon, there are plenty of places across the US where you can tuck into some delicious fish.

We’ve picked out some of the best US cities to enjoy fresh seafood in: bon apetit!


San Francisco, California

Head to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, where you’ll find seafood restaurants lined up for your perusal. One particular staple you’re sure to find in the area is Dungeness crab, which is both buttery and delicious. Another favourite is loaves of hollowed out sourdough filled with fresh seafood stew; it’s a San Franciscan classic!


Portland, Maine

Maine is known for its lobster, and Portland knows just how to serve it. The humble lobster roll is a thing of beauty: lightly toasted bread, heaps of sweet lobster meat and maybe a dash of lemon mayonnaise. It’s one of the best meals you can eat when you travel to Portland, knowing that every mouthful of delicious lobster is freshly caught from Maine.

The perfect lobster roll recipe is hotly contested, but we recommend keeping it simple with a split top bun, plenty of lobster and a sprinkling of paprika.


Key West, Florida

Combine laidback island living with copious amounts of seafood in Key West. There are many local delicacies native to the area, including yellowtail snapper, hogfish and of course Key West shrimp. Whether your scene is casual waterfront bars or refined seafood restaurants, you’ll be able to gorge yourself on some of America’s most delicious fish. If you have room for dessert, order a healthy wedge of key lime pie.


Boston, Massachusetts

Another place to enjoy a good lobster roll, Boston serves theirs slightly differently to Portland. In many places, you’ll find the typical lobster roll is built with a toasted bun, hot lobster meat and melted butter on the side.

Boston is also famous for its chowder and oysters – no holiday here is complete without trying them!


Anchorage, Alaska

Wild Alaskan salmon is famous for its fresh flavour, and where better to eat it then in Alaska itself? Anchorage in particular is renowned for its many seafood restaurants, where you can tuck into heaping plates of freshly caught salmon, as well as other delicacies. Or cook something up yourself with a visit to one of Anchorage’s fish markets!