Top Festivals Abroad For Friends 2018

Are you planning your 2018 festival list?

Festival season is on the way, so there’s no better time to start forward planning for summer. From world famous music festivals on sun soaked islands, to all day mass food fights, a holiday festival experience with friends is always guaranteed fun! We’ve lined up out top festivals abroad for friends that should be on everyone’s bucket-list this year.

Songkran Water Festival, Chiang Mai

Feeling nostalgic for those water fights you used to have when you were younger? Well you won’t want to miss Songkran, Chiang Mai’s annual water festival in Thailand.

This event is held to celebrate the Thai New Year and there’s no escape as locals and tourists fill the streets, armed with water pistols and buckets. It’s the perfect way to cool down in the scorching heat.

When: 13 – 15 April 2018 | Holidays to Thailand

Kings Day, Amsterdam

Less than an hour’s flight away from the UK, there’s no excuse not to visit Amsterdam for Kings Day. This annual celebration is still largely unknown outside of the Netherlands, despite it being one of the world’s largest street parties.

The festival is held in honour of the king and kicks off with all night partying before Amsterdam’s streets (and canals) fill up with day revellers attending the numerous markets, concerts and other events across the city.

When: 27 April 2018 | Holidays to Amsterdam

Lost and Found Festival, Malta

Famous UK DJ Annie Mac hosts Lost and Found festival in Malta every year. Expect four days of electronic dance music, guest performances and parties on the island, meaning you and your friends can dance to your hearts content (and top up your tans while you do it).

When: 3 – 6 May 2018 | Holidays to Malta

Hideout Festival, Croatia

Hideout Festival in Croatia is the party you’ve always dreamt about. Located on the idyllic Zcre Beach on Peg Island, Hideout sees 150 of the best artists perform over five days in a stunning location next to the Adriatic Sea.

When you’re not at one of the concerts, there are numerous beach parties, secret parties, waters sports and bars to keep you occupied. It’s no wonder Hideout sells out year on year.

When: 25 – 29 June 2018 | Holidays to Croatia

Paris l’Été Festival (formerly Quartier d’Été)

Since 1990, music, theatre and cinema have taken over Paris come July and August. Every summer, Paris l’Été Festival offers a fantastic four week programme of events in celebration of creative and visual arts.

With numerous free events dotted across the French capital, both indoor and outdoor, it’s a great opportunity to venture to new parts of the city and meet new people.

When: July and August 2018 | Holidays to Paris

La Tomatina, Valencia

The clue is in the name. La Tomatina is Valencia’s annual tomato throwing festival and quite possibly one of the most fun events around. The event brings thousands to the streets, throwing tons of tomatoes in what is the world’s largest food fight. You’re guaranteed to get splattered before you can even say ‘ketchup’. Probably best to leave your nice clothes at home.

When: 29 August 2018 | Holidays to Valencia

Oktoberfest, Munich

Germany’s largest festival, Oktoberfest, is all about beer. Grab your friends and join in the festivities by wearing the traditional Bavarian costume, before enjoying multiple concerts and rides. Just be sure to mop up some of the alcohol with local delicacies like giant pretzels and goulash.

When: 22 September – 7 October 2018 | Holidays to Munich

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