Top Spanish Phrases for your Holiday

As Spain is such a popular destination for holidaymakers – whether that’s a two week summer beach break in Marbella, the Costas or the Balearics, or a long weekend in Barcelona, Madrid or Seville – learning the basics of the language is a smart move.

Understanding a few phrases can really enrich the experience of holidays in Spain, earning you an appreciative smile or two! So, if you’re headed to Spain in 2016 or planning ahead for 2017, it’s time to start practicing. Spanish is also widely spoken in other countries all over the world and is the official language in Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, among others, so you’ll be able to use your knowledge on a long haul holiday too.

Take a look at the phrases below, which will help you exchange pleasantries, introduce yourself to potential friends, request help if needed and order in a restaurant. Let’s start with Habla Ingles? This asks, do you speak English? If the answer is no, turn to these phrases…

A street sign in Spain

Basic greetings in Spanish

Buenos dias/tardes/noches
Good morning/afternoon/evening


Por Favor

Thank you

De Nada
You’re welcome

Useful Questions

Donde esta
Where is…

Donde esta un restaurante/banco/hotel/beach?
Where is a restaurant/bank/hotel/playa?

Donde puedo comprar…
Where can I buy…

Bread/water/ice cream/beer

Cuanto cuesta?
How much does it cost?

Donde esta el bano/aseo?
Where is the bathroom/toilet?

Making friends

Como estas
How are you?

Como se Ilama?
What’s your name?

Me Ilamo
My name is

Mucho gusto
Nice to meet you

Ordering food and drink

Quiero una mesa para dos, tres, cuatro por favor
I would like a table for two, three, four please

Puedo ver el menu?
Can I see the menu?

Que me recomienda?
What do you recommend?

Soy vegetariano/vegetariana
I am vegetarian

Estamos listos para pedir
We are ready to order

La cuenta, por favor
The bill, please

Needing help/solving problems

Me podria ayudar, por favor?
Can you help me, please?

Donda esta el hospital mas cercano?
Where is the nearest hospital?

Llame a la policia/una ambulancia
Call the police/an ambulance

No me siento bien
I’m feeling sick

A menu in Spanish

Practice these before your holiday to Spain, print out and take the phrases with you, and don’t be afraid to give them a try when you’re in the country. Local people in your resort will appreciate the effort and encourage you to speak their language even more. Good luck, or buena serte, as the Spanish say!