Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sale

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

It is with great delight that Travel Republic announces the launch of Travel Republic Cruise – our very own cruise holidays!

Because we like to make it possible for everybody to have the holiday they really want.

From 1st December, Travel Republic Cruise, will offer a range of EXCLUSIVE fly-cruise holidays, just for our customers – with prices as low as £599 for a 10-night Med cruise and stay!*

Many of our fly-cruise holidays combine a cruise with a stay in popular destinations like Majorca, Venice, Barcelona, Barbados or Florida, with all flights and transfers included. This gives you the best of both worlds and fantastic value for money.  Plus we have a huge range of cruises, to every destination imaginable and at all price points.

All deals can be explored online, but also on-hand to take bookings and enquiries, are our specialist Travel Republic Cruise team: 0800 8405918

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

Now, when thinking about your next holiday, you may not initially think about cruising (unless of course you have already cruised, in which case you’re already on board… excuse the pun).

So, it’s worth mentioning that 22 million people world-wide take a cruise holiday each year. And with these benefits, it’s really not hard to see why:

1) You get to stay in the lap of luxury

Travel Republic Cruise

While cruise liners come in all shapes and sizes and at varying levels of budget, one thing is for sure, the standards on board are always luxurious! Probably the very first thing most people think of when thinking about a cruise is luxury – incredible dining rooms, serving incredible food, in seriously stunning settings!

Travel Republic Cruise

Just close your eyes and what do you see? Twinkling crystal chandeliers,  grand sweeping staircases, lavish bars, casinos and stunning pools. Even cinemas, hot-tubs, rock climbing walls, surfing pools and designer shopping malls – basically it’s extravagant and luxurious.

Because the quality and variety of dining and ‘things to do’ on cruise ships is often far more diverse than many hotels, and with full board and all entertainment included, this results in a level of opulence that is not the norm in hotels, but is standard aboard cruise ships.

2) Cruise holidays are actually great value

Contrary to popular belief cruises can actually be great value for money, as the fares include pretty much everything you need for your entire holiday. Flights, transfers, hotels (if you’re on a fly and sail) and all food on board, are all included! It is possible to cruise for less than £100 per night, which is great value if you compare it to what you’d get on land.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

Plus activities are also included! Think unlimited west-end grade shows, snorkelling and sometimes on-land tours, to name just a few, so there is no need for extra spending money to cover these.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

3) You get to see several places in just one holiday

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

We all work hard for our holidays and have limited annual leave each year. Well it’s a fact that a cruise allows you to squeeze the most out of this time! You get to see several places in one trip, with the benefit of only unpacking once! A one week trip can take you to a different port each night if you choose.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

And cruising maximises your down time too. With  hundreds of activities, dining and pampering options all available on board with you as you travel, you can make the most of your travelling time between destinations.

4) You can make a cruise holiday fit your needs

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

Cruising can be romantic, social, adventurous or great for families. Whatever the type of holiday you desire, there is a cruise for you. Choosing from a specialist cruise holiday, is to build a tailor made holiday just how you want it.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

The great thing about cruising with a family, is that there are so many activities and kids clubs available on board, so that the adults get a break too!

5) Cruise holidays are easy to plan

Cruising is a very easy-going holiday, although there is a lot of choice when booking, so many cruise lines and destinations to choose from!

But you can simply let our agent know what you want, and as experts they can select the right package for you, and once you’ve boarded your liner, the rest is taken care for you.

You are waited on hand-and-foot and, should you wish, your itinerary can be all laid out for you too. You don’t have to make any travel arrangements and can even join tours on land too.

Equally though, you can be independent and do your own thing when you chose, so it only requires as much planning as you want. Take it easy on a cruise holiday.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail


So please jump on board with us and experience all the joys of a cruise holiday for yourself, we think you’ll love it!

*this is a lead in price based on certain dates and includes, flights, transfers, hotel and full-baord board basis on board.