#FridayFive: Festive Travel Stocking Fillers

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Santa has booked his flight from the North Pole (business class), and your neighbour has so many fairy lights on their tree they could reach Benidorm and back. There’s no bah humbug here at Travel Republic though, we can’t wait to don our crimbo jumpers and eat our bodyweight in choccy, because at Christmas, there are no calories.

We’ve put together a list of five festive stocking fillers for the fellow holiday goer.

1) Scratch the World

Travel Stocking Fillers

Pic Source: notonthehighstreet

Coming home from holiday can be a difficult time for us all, but every cloud has a silver lining as they say, and that is making everyone extremely jealous of where we have been. Display a record of your escapades proudly at home with this map with a twist. Scratch off the gold layer to reveal the colourful map beneath, the locations of your holiday memories becoming a stylish piece of art for your living room wall. It’s a bit like a giant scratch card, but you get a nice map instead of the crushing realisation that you probably won’t be a millionaire.

2) All Day Rechargeable Fan

All Day Rechargeable Fan

Pic Source: Red5

For those of us who resign ourselves to a sun lounger once or twice a year, we know that it can be a bit of a sizzle. This handy gadget not only helps you cool down with a portable fan, but it charges your phone too – so you can post your hot dogs or legs to facebook while listening to your favourite holiday tunes without worrying about running out of battery.

3) Waterproof Phone Pouch

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Pic Source: Amazon

Our phones are our pride and joy, our social link to the world and most importantly, how we take selfies. So what’d be worse than dropping our beloved shiny devices in the hotel pool, or having it slip into the sand as we nod off on the beach? Luckily we’ve found this case that will keep your phone safe and sound so you don’t have to worry about it getting soaked, and did we mention it floats?! Come to think of it, this would come in quite handy in the bath…

4) Personalised Compass

Personalised Compass

Pic Source: notonthehighstreet

We all have a soppy side, and sometimes we want to show this in the form of gifts! This personalised compact compass will totally impress a loved one, or maybe it’d be the perfect pressie for your designated holiday mate. It might even help you find your way back from the bar after a few too many cocktails, too.

5) Petcube

No matter how cute they are, there are going to be times when you can’t take your pets away on holiday with you. If you don’t want your weekend escape to a European city to be disturbed by the sudden fear that you might not have left out enough cat food for Jasper, then thankfully, there is the Petcube. A gadget for your home that pairs with your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on your fluffy ones, making sure they keep off the sofa while you’re away for the weekend.