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When searching for your next holiday, have you ever wanted to know what a destination is really like before you book? Of course searching on our site and apps can give you lots of information on any chosen destination and hotel, with detailed descriptions, photos and customer reviews, but have you ever wanted to know what a destination smells like?

Now before you question our sanity, picture this: you’ve just carried out a search to Paris and through our newly developed technology you get a fresh smell of just baked bread secreting out of your phone. You just have to close your eyes and imagine you there standing on a busy Parisian street with the wafting delights of a local patisserie coming at you. Sounds good right?

As of today, to help you really imagine what your favourite destinations are like we’ve added some scents to our site and apps which will instantly release once you’ve started a destination search on a tablet or mobile. Here is just some of what you can expect to smell on your next search:


Take in the enchanting smell of wild flowers in Majorca. Just one search and it’ll be like you’re there rolling in the glorious fields and soaking up the Spanish sunshine.


There’s nothing quite like a fresh hot dog in New York. Once you’ve started searching you’ll be salivating at the wafting smell of street vendor hot dogs from the city, mmmmmm.


Start exploring our Marrakech deals and you’ll be delighted with the exotic spices of the souks coming out of your device. Of course there’s no need barter as you’ll always get the best price with us.


If you’re looking at deals to Brussels then you’ll be delighted to catch the scent of freshly made chocolate that will instantly get you licking those lips.


Finally as an additional scent we’ve also added the glorious citrus trees of the Algarve exclusively to our Android and iPhone/ pad apps.

If you want to get a sensory overload on your next holiday search then make sure you search on the Travel Republic site on your tablet or mobile or download our app today. If you already have the app downloaded (well done you), then all you have to do is carry out a search and start sniffing.

What are your favourite scents from around the world? Any ones that you think should be added to the site?

You can download the apps from here: Android app, iPhone app



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