5 Unique Holiday Ideas for Couples

If you are the type of couple that would rather hike through thick woodland than lounge in an all inclusive resort all day, then these unique holiday ideas should inspire you both. From ultimate exploring holidays, to diving in the azure seas, here are some of the best holiday ideas for couples who are after something a little different.

Go green on the Azores archipelago

If you’re a couple who seeks adventure, then the natural oasis of Azores is for you. It’s said to be Europe’s equivalent to Hawaii. Several islands make up the Azores archipelago and it was recently voted as the world’s top destination for sustainable tourism by QualityCoast. Hop from island to island and explore this area of volcanic rock, valley pools, cavernous calderas and natural, sulphur hot springs. Hike through the thick forestry in Furnas, seek out the wildlife in the wetlands and climb to the top of the scaling Mt Pico. At 7.713ft, this mountain offers uninterrupted views over the flourishing green landscape. Framed by dark sandy beaches, this unique paradise offers everything from whale watching and diving, to water sports and paragliding.

Dive or snorkel

Escape the ordinary day-to-day and delve underground to experience an underwater world like no other. Home to some of the brightest colourful reefs, tropical fish and delicate coral; celebrate the beauty of the marine life by snorkelling along the shores on some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Visit the embellished reefs in the Maldives, the submerged turtle town of Maui in Hawaii or the crystal clear lagoons in Florida Keys. For an underwater paradise you can only dream about, but with the bonus of a shorter flight time, discover the sunken ships of the Red Sea in Egypt, which are only approximately an six hour flight away. Whether you’d like to travel across the world or choose somewhere closer to home, you have plenty of options.

Something out of this world

Look up to the stars for a couples’ holiday that’s out of this world. Nothing beats cuddling up together under the night sky, spotting the constellations under a blanket of darkness and twinkling stars. As well as witnessing The Northern Lights phenomenon in Iceland and Finland, there are destinations dotted around the globe where the skies give the greatest show. On the outskirts of Morocco’s bustling Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains decorate the vast Sahara. Take a day trip into the sprawling desert away from the bright lights of the city, to stargaze among the sand dunes. Hike 7,000 feet up Mount Teide, in Tenerife, during the sunset to watch the auburn skies crackle behind the rocky peaks. After dark, sit back and peer up at the sparkling sky above.

Hit the slopes

Try something new together or hone in on your skills up in the snowy, mountainous peaks. No matter what your budget, the exciting après-ski culture is ready and waiting. Whether you’re a beginner or a total pro, the 2,000 metre slopes in Jasna, Slovakia or the spectacular Tatra Mountain views in Zakopane, Poland are great destinations. Enjoy the mild climate but distinguished winter forests in Borovets, Bulgaria. Or, for the more competitive types, indulge in the 134 km of runs in Mayrhofen, Austria. With the wintery conditions it’s a great excuse to cosy up together with a fondue treat.

Table for two

Follow the food and spend your holiday feasting on delicious, local cuisine. From rich Italian pastas and pizzas in Italy to the slow-cooked tagine stews in Morocco; spend your holiday sat on a table for two in destinations across the world. Head to the pebbly beaches in Greece where the fragrant green, olive groves stand against the whitewash of stone houses on one of the Greek islands such as Corfu, Crete or romantic Santorini. Indulge in platters of fresh olives, meat pies, anchovies, pita, tzatziki and roasted vegetables. If spicy curries and creamy tandoori dishes are more your thing, head to the exotic shores of India. Experience the vibrant culture in Goa by the beach and the stunning tea plantations further inland.

Whatever you and your partner are interested in, you’re sure to find exciting, alternative holiday destinations across Europe and further afield with these guides for inspiration.