What to do in Toronto

Experience the irresistible magic of this cosmopolitan city that will keep you coming back for more. Toronto, Ontario, is a multicultural city where 140 languages are spoken and has world-famous museums and attractions which celebrate its unique culture.

Spend your time searching for wildlife by the beaches, dining in exceptional restaurants, visiting the renowned Toronto Zoo and shopping at the vibrant Eaton Centre. As well as taking that perfect ‘wish-you-were-here’ photograph by the iconic city sign on Nathan Phillips Square, here are some of the great things to do in Toronto that you don’t want to miss.

See the City From the Sky

Illuminating the sky, the CN Tower is like a beacon, drawing you to Downtown Toronto. Towering over the city at 553-metres high, this observation tower is the only place in the city where you can see Toronto in its entirety. In fact, on a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Niagara Falls in the distance, which is over 100 miles away. Take in the beauty of the urban skyline from the top observation deck or peer through the knee-trembling glass floor to the city below. You can also dine in the restaurant or the more adventurous types can feel the Canadian chill while scaling the side of the observatory tower on an EdgeWalk.

Celebrate Canadian Ice Hockey

One of the city’s most celebrated exports is its famous ice hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Visit the Scotiabank Arena to watch them in action at an enthralling National Hockey League home game. If you’ve caught the ice hockey bug, relish in the nationwide obsession at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Inside the interactive museum, you can see a wealth of hockey memorabilia in the detailed exhibits. There’s also a trophy room where the very first 1893 Stanley Cup is enshrined, a replica of an authentic locker room and a mini-rink where you can practice your shooting and goal skills.

Visit Canada’s Largest Museum

In Uptown Toronto the Royal Ontario Museum is a real delight. From the outside, the building is architecturally spectacular, with a glass iceberg ripping through the historic brickwork. Inside, this museum complex consists of over six million artefacts, which makes the ROM Canada’s largest museum. Covering many floors you can travel between 40 galleries, but the most expansive are the Natural History and the World Culture Galleries. Ancient replicas of Chinese temples, dinosaur bones and Egyptian mummies as well as fine art and historic textile exhibits can be discovered. There’s always something new to see with temporary exhibits, lectures and events taking up the ROM’s calendar each year. If you’re planning on visiting in the summertime, the museum hosts exciting weekly DJ nights.

Eat out at Kensington Market

With such a diverse culture bringing in different flavours and spices to the city, the food choice in Toronto is excessive. Try rich pasta dishes in Little Italy and Little Portugal as well as vegan cuisine, with forward-thinking menus taking over the city. Tuck into sweet treats lathered in Maple Syrup from the Lanark County or try Ottawa’s favourite fried BeaverTail doughnut, coated in sugar toppings.

At the centre of Toronto’s multicultural delights is the Kensington Market neighbourhood. Near Chinatown, this sprawling neighbourhood offers the chance to wander through the hubbub of colourful streets to explore its market stalls, quaint food cafes and trinket shops.

Take in Art at the Gallery of Ontario

The colossal Art Gallery of Ontario, commonly known as the AGO, is impressive. Ancient and contemporary art from around the world feature in both the rolling and permanent exhibits where approximately 95,000 pieces of art are on display. Enjoy the collections of rare artefacts from the First Nations and Inuit cultures. Visit to see classic work from England born sculpture, Henry Moore and landscape masterpieces from the famous Canadian art association, the Group of Seven. There are many more photographs, carvings and paintings on display, all waiting to be discovered.

Explore Nature on Toronto Island

With the city lights reflecting across the marina, see Toronto from a different point of view on a short ferry ride over to Toronto Island. Also called the Island, or Toronto Island Park, it is home to a charming 150 year-old community of 600 people who take care of the land. Take a bike ride through the grassy plains, go for a swim on the earmarked beaches and admire the 200-year-old, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. You can explore the wild nature of Forestry Island and the Long Pond on a kayak ride through the mangroves. There’s also a small amusement park that the whole family will enjoy.

Discover a part of Toronto’s history

Like any exciting city, Toronto has a rich history. Discover a moment of its past at the magnificent Edwardian castle of Casa Loma. Overlooking the city, the castle was built in 1911 by a wealthy electricity financier who wanted to add a touch of opulence to the industrial town below. The lavish mansion has 98 rooms dripped in gold fixtures and furnishings. With its bright terracotta rooftop, fairytale towers and well-maintained floral gardens, it’s no surprise this castle took around three years to build and bankrupted the owner in the process. Take a look around the extravagant library, its stained-glass conservatory and function rooms to see their architectural appeal and exceptional fine art.

Experience this Phenomenon

When you’re in Toronto make sure you take a day trip to see the impressive wonder of the world, Niagara Falls, straddling the border of America and Canada. The Niagara Falls site is actually made up of three waterfalls; the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Just an hour and a half from Toronto, marvel over the Horseshoe Falls which cascade from a massive 50.9 m tall.

You don’t have to just observe either as you can get stuck into the adventure on a boat cruise over Lake Ontario. Or, choose a catamaran ride to the showering base of the waterfalls and soar through the sky across the gorge on a zip wire. There’s plenty of unique tours and activities you can do here, including taking in the beautiful panorama of the whole Niagara Falls and across to America from the Skylon Tower arcade and revolving restaurant.

Have we missed any exceptional Toronto attractions? Let us know your favourite and why you love this exciting city.