Why you should go on an all-inclusive holiday this year

The trend for all-inclusive holidays first began in the 1950s, with Brits jetting off to the Mediterranean to indulge in all the sun, sea and sangria that was available at a package price.

However, the all-inclusive holiday dipped in popularity in the early 2000s, with the rise of budget airlines and people creating their own itineraries. Holidaymakers sought to take control of their getaways and see more of the world on their terms.

Yet reports of the end of the all-inclusive deal were exaggerated. In recent years this type of holiday has returned and seen a rise in bookings – the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics confirm this with 18.2 million people opting for package holidays in 2018 compared to 15.9 million in 2014.

If you haven’t booked your getaway for 2020, why not consider an all-inclusive holiday? In this blog, we’ve considered just a few reasons why this type of getaway could be the perfect choice.

1.   One overall cost

An all-inclusive holiday typically covers everything, from the flights there and back through to the snacks in the afternoon when you’re lounging by the pool and need a pre-dinner pick me up. The only additional charges you’ll need to consider is the cost of getting to the airport, parking and tourist tax at the hotel – and that new holiday wardrobe, of course!

This makes it easier to budget for and can even work out a little cheaper overall in some cases as there’s no risk of paying more than you need to for food and drink.

2.   True relaxation

It could be that the recent concept of self-care that has seen many of us look for a break that offers complete relaxation. We want to get away from our everyday routine, cut out the buzz of technology from our lives for a week or so and spend quality time with those we love with no distractions. An all-inclusive holiday allows us to sit back and relax, with no need to think about where to eat or where to go – the perfect environment for some self-care.

The beauty of an all-inclusive holiday is that everything is ready and waiting for you. There’s no need to trek up and down the strip nearby to find a restaurant that caters to your budget, instead you can head down to the hotel restaurant and enjoy a buffet menu featuring a range of local and continental dishes.

The pool is there and available to you, there is typically some form of exercise class or gym facilities included and you’ll likely enjoy entertainment in the evening so if you’re inclined, you won’t even have to leave the premises.

3.   Adults-only options

Adults-only, all-inclusive resorts have seen a rise in popularity. These allow couples or groups of friends to escape for a couple of weeks with no kids and a chance to truly indulge and relax in the sunshine. Many of these resorts offer entertainment and facilities that adults with love – not a brightly coloured pool slide in sight!

4.   A world of choice

In 2020, you’re not limited to the Meditteranean like those first all-inclusive holidaymakers in the 50s. Indeed, far-flung destinations are also on the table. Here are some to consider for your break this year:


The Turkish resort of Antalya guarantees sun all year round and boasts a wide number of all-inclusive resorts offering luxury and fun. You’ll find beaches aplenty with turquoise waters and white sands, as well as a wealth of historical and natural sites to explore from the majestic Temple of Apollo in Side to the constantly burning flames of Mount Chimaera.

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This UAE city has earned a sterling reputation for tranquil holidays, with incredible sights to explore. Dubai offers luxury on every corner, with boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts that cater to every need.

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The Maldives may be small in size but it’s the perfect setting for a tranquil break. Expect warm year-round temperatures and tranquil waters teeming with marine life – ideal for snorkelers and divers. You’ll also find luxury resorts to take time in with hammocks and beds on the beach, shaded by palm trees and cocktails on tap to enjoy all day long. 

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From the tranquil waters of the Nile to the fascinating hieroglyphics etched into the historic structures found in Egypt’s great cities – there’s a world of wonder to discover in this incredible country. Egypt hosts a wide selection of all-inclusive resorts, boasting tranquil pools and tasty local cuisine served daily. Plus, with temperatures averaging from the late-teens to low 30s throughout the year it’s the perfect setting for an all-inclusive holiday.

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This Mexican city is an ideal destination for sun worshippers with a host of all-inclusive resorts open to visitors all-year-round. Temperatures are high every month, but you’ll find pools and the tranquil blue waters of the sea nearby to take a dip in to cool off. The city is the ideal destination for those who love to party, with regular entertainment at resorts and a buzzing nightlife scene to revel in during your stay.

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Mauritius is a dream for those who love to snorkel or scuba dive, with a tranquil coastline encircling the island boasting stunning marine life – such as stingrays and green turtles – to see up close. Its all-inclusive resorts are the epitome of luxury and are surprisingly affordable all year round. Mauritius is the perfect destination for couples, looking for a romantic getaway in a picture-perfect setting.

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Consider an all-inclusive trip in 2020 and join a huge number of other holidaymakers ready to enjoy an easy to book break, with all the trimmings included.