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Holidays in Egypt

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About Egypt

Pyramids, beaches, ancient ruins, cocktails; Egypt holidays are full of meeting points ancient and modern, and you will love it. Egypt has been offering tourists tailor-made breaks for years, and the locals really know how to make you feel welcome. Egypt holidays are really popular with those looking to grab some much-needed winter sun, when the UK weather is just too grey to bear. But it’s equally as popular with families making the most of the long summer school holidays. Whenever you decide to go, we recommend setting yourself up at one of the beautiful coastal beach resorts and taking day trips to the wealth of sights that Egypt holidays have to offer.

Explore the sand dunes by buggy, take a bus trip to the Pyramids, or go diving in some of the world’s most famous and breath-taking underwater spots. Of course, holidays in Egypt are also about total relaxation, with most resorts offering both seaside and poolside options for lounging and swimming from morning to evening. And you’ll find a great selection of restaurants offering local delicacies, including Halawa – a sweet snack made from sesame seed paste, and Kushari – a tomato, lentil and chickpea pasta, and international foods such as burgers and pizzas, which should keep kids (and even fussy adults!) happy.

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Book cheap holidays to Egypt with us. We offer more than 600 hotels across Egypt’s most beautiful and fun-filled resorts, so whether you want a cheap holiday to Luxor, you’re looking for holidays to Hurghada, or you’re still researching and not yet sure where you want to go, you’re bound to find something that you love here. Combine this with hundreds of flights to resorts across Egypt and you’ll have a tailor-made holiday to Taba, Cairo, Dahab or somewhere else, in no time.

When To Go

Are you looking for winter sun? Summer sun? Guaranteed sunshine on tap? If yes, Egypt should be your destination of choice, with temperatures between 20°C and 35°C for most of the year. While it isn’t seasonal as we know it, the country does tend to be hotter in the middle of the year – from March to October, and slightly cooler from November to February. The coastal areas are cooler than inland destinations, thanks to the sea breeze, but remember to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day – Egypt is located on the north easterly edge of the Sahara desert!

Fast facts about Egypt

  • Capital
  • Currency
    Egyptian Pound
  • Fly to...
    …8 different airports, including Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh
  • Official Language
    Arabic but holiday resorts cater for a wide variety of languages
  • Time
    1 hour ahead of the UK

Sightseeing and must-sees

  • Bayt Al-Suhaymi, Cairo
    A lively glimpse into the real Egyptian culture. This is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed by those wanting to experience Egyptian food and music first-hand.
  • Gizeh Plateau, Cairo
    Home to the Pyramids and the Sphinx, this trip typifies Egypt. Remember that the pyramids are on the edge of the city and the Sahara desert so they’re not as secluded as you might think, and it’ll be baking hot!
  • Sandboarding, Dahab
    Egypt is the perfect place to try out this exhilarating sport – and there’s none of the cold water or wetsuits that are associated with surf boarding!
  • Scuba Diving, Red Sea
    Be prepared to have your breath taken away by some of the most incredible sea life in the world. Egypt’s world famous diving spots are perfect for all levels, including beginners, but if you’d prefer to snorkel you’ll still spot some seriously tropical fish.
  • Temple of Karnak, Luxor
    Go back in time to the age of the Egyptian

Top destinations in Egypt

  • Cairo
    best for a full-on Egyptian experience
  • Dahab
    best for beautiful beaches
  • Hurghada
    best for families
  • Luxor
    best for exploring ancient ruins
  • Red Sea
    best for diving
  • Taba
    best for hidden gems