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About Sardinia

If you’re looking for a region full to the brim with history and beauty, Sardinia should be the first name on your lips. This independent region has a culture that’s both deeply Mediterranean and entirely its own, built from the lineage of the ancient Nuragic civilization, to the Roman Empire, to modern Italy. From the 4,000-year-old Monte d'Accoddi to the hilltop citadel of Il Castello in Cagliari, Sardinia is overflowing with opportunities to glimpse into the past.

And if you’re looking to simply get away from it all, Sardinia has some of the finest beaches and bluest waters available in Europe. Either close to coastal cities like Cagliari or beside secluded spots in the countryside, Sardinia is where rugged coastal cliffs meet warm Mediterranean waters, where you can swim, dive or spend the hours simply soaking up the sun. Travel to Sardinia and you won’t be disappointed.

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We have nearly 1,500 hotels and apartments in locations across Sardinia for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for panoramic views in Olbia or well-connected guesthouses in Cagliari, we’ll help you find the right place. We’ll also help when it comes to searching for the best flights and can lend a hand with arranging car hire so you can explore more of the region.

When To Go

Midsummer can be a busy time to travel but it’s worth it for the many festivals hosted on the island, such as the Saint Mary Feast. The weather can also be very hot in August, which is perfect for sun worshippers but if you’re looking for something more comfortable, late spring or early autumn are perfect. Winters can also be pleasant, although it’s worth noting that many resorts and attractions close from December to February.

Where to Stay

Both the beautiful beaches and rugged mountain landscape with its quiet towns offer gorgeous locations for travel. Cagliari is the capital and you’ll be able to find everything there from luxury hotels to cosy townhouses. Olbia in the northeast has resorts with opal blue waters on the coast and white sandy beaches, as does Tortolì in the east. Alghero in the northwest is a nice town, close to the beauty of Grotta di Nettuno.