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Ora Myblue Hotel

North East Coast, Zanzibar, Tanzania

4 Star Hotel


Property Location
Located in Nungwi, MY BLUE HOTEL is minutes from Nungwi Beach and Kendwa Beach. This beach resort is within the region of Mnarani Natural Aquarium and Mnemba Island.

This resort offers both all-inclusive and room-only rates. Meals and beverages at onsite dining establishments are included in all-inclusive rates. Charges may be applied for dining at some restaurants, special dinners and dishes, some beverages, and other amenities.

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7.6 Very Good (3 reviews)
  • Near the beach
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  • Near to restaurants / entertainment
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  • Suitable for families
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  • Suitable for younger people
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5.9 Average
  • Leena from Dartry
  • Ireland
The hotel was mostly Italian and English wasn't strong language, which resulted into quite a few misunderstandings. The staff was very welcoming and positive, but unfortunately the conversations were quite short due to language barriers.

Rooms were clean and standard size with both safe & air-conditioning. This was fine for a short 4 night stay, but started feeling the small space in the end.

The food was tasty, but mainly italian.. It would have been great to have more local food (there was one theme night for local food). Also most activities organised by the hotel (including quiz night) was in Italian.

Mainly average experience (staff made it a bit better), hotel seemed to be designed for Italian package holidays.
Top Tip: Langi Langi had great curries, but a bit of a walk from the hotel.
8.8 Excellent
  • Elena from Madrid
  • Spain
We love the hotel. Is relatively small compared to the big resorts of other chains, and therefore has not as many (there is only one buffet restaurant, pool bar and a beach bar, a few fitness equipment machine next to a pool , a massage center, a diving center and a gift shop items) and no animation program. However, sometimes it is appreciated if you want quiet.
It has a private hammock area in the sand guarded by Maasai, so they can not get the kids to the beach to sell their tours and products. Below that area is the beach. Wonderful. We toured the entire coast two or three miles north and south of the hotel, and for us the best beach area is the one in front of the hotel. We did not see nor was smelly algae during the five-day stay, which we did see in other areas. Tides can not prevent you bathe at any time of day, as unnoticeable as much as in other areas of the island.
Moreover, we loved the hotel room. Very clean, spacious and with all the expected amenities:air conditioning, terrace with table and chairs, safe, mosquito net, hairdryer and amenities in the bathroom, and TV, but have only four television channels, in Italian and English.
It is an area frequented mostly by Italians (couples, families, single people and friends) and all the staff speaks Italian and English, but are super friendly, and strive to understand you if you speak to them in Castilian or signed. We had no problems. The perfect service and personal attention.
Regarding the food, there is always pasta, salad, a vegetable, potatoes, white rice, and some kind of meat (beef or chicken). Some days there were fish, lasagna, risotto. Varied dessert cakes and put several (usually broken or similar mass), sometimes pudding, profiteroles, Swiss roll, etc. There was never yogurt for dessert, only at breakfast. And there's always a corner with fresh fruit, but we miss her greatly that there was pineapple, as it is a local fruit and is very good (we brought two for Spain market Stone Town). The food perhaps as normal, both in quality and variety. But enough to spend a few days.In addition, 10 to 11 offer a late breakfast at the pool bar at 5 gave a tea with cookies and snacks 19, or if you want you can spend the day eating.
Most of the guests are Italian and it seems that often go on all inclusive, an option that I did not see at Travel Republic. We went full board and only paid the beverages between meals (500 ml beer 3 euros, a bottle of water 1.5 liter 2 euros, a sprite 330ml 1.5 euros). We found them very affordable prices.
Top Tip: We were not walking on the beach but you can easily reach the center of turtle conservation Nungwi in Manarani hotel looks interesting if you're in the area and I like turtles. You can even swim with them.
To the north of the hotel by the coast there are plenty of restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood. And you have a lot of Maasai markets to buy necklaces, bracelets, boxes, etc.
8.0 Great
  • Rosa Isabel from Mijas Costa
  • Spain
We had stayed in this hotel for 10 days and has been great.

The hotel is nice, comfortable, walk to a wonderful beach, good infrastructure and excellent customer service.
Being an Italian hotel, perhaps in the kitchen abusing some pasta, but otherwise have eaten great.
The rooms are comfortable, stylish and comfortable.

In short it is a hotel that I liked it, and recommend it without hesitation to anyone traveling to Zanzibar.