Popular TV series, Chernobyl has led to an increase in bookings and searches to visit the disaster site


In light of recent news that Pripyat has experienced a boost in tourism numbers following the success of HBO mini-series and highest ranked IMDB TV series, Chernobyl, Travel Republic reveals it has seen a staggering increase of 300% in searches to Ukraine since the series’ premiere, with bookings up 200%.

With destinations such as Croatia and Ireland experiencing record visitor numbers in the wake of TV sensation Game of Thrones, Ukraine has also seen a significant influx of tourists to the historic site of the 1986 tragedy showing the continuing phenomenon of global television properties impacting the public’s travel choices.

The once isolated area, previously out of bounds to the public due to the catastrophic nuclear incident that occurred during the 80’s, now sees daily visitors as the allure of stark ‘Soviet chic’ in architecture and design (as featured in the show) inspires travellers to visit and learn more about the disaster that cost so many their lives, is a sharp contrast to traditional travel locations.

Between the 6th-13th June, following the series finale, Travel Republic experienced a huge surge in bookings for Ukraine, with traveller figures doubling (200% increase). Since the end of the TV drama, searches for the trips to the poignant destination have increased by 300% with 2,000 people looking at flights that same week.

Christian Poole, Marketing Director at Travel Republic: “TV shows have increasingly impacted travellers’ choices in holiday destinations over recent years, boosting awareness of lesser visited locations or generating renewed interest in areas already well travelled. The recent surge in attention around flights to Pripyat show that UK fans have become more than curious about Chernobyl, with many actively booking flights following the success of the TV drama.”

Holiday essentials may usually include your favourite bikini or swimming trunks with a bottle of sun cream but those headed to Pripyat will need more protection than SPF50, with full body coverage and closed shoes required. For extra cautious travellers holiday extras, such as a Geiger counter to measure radioactivity and nuclear protective gear, could be set back over £1,348.