Travel Republic teams up TV travel icon Judith Chalmers to explore the extremes of woke and wellness trends

The public are becoming increasingly ‘woke’ when it comes to holidays – one-in-three admit they disapprove of cocktails with suggestive names like Sex On The Beach and Porn Star Martini

It’s not all woke: All You Can Eat Buffet is still the biggest draw to a hotel, with vegan food the least attractive proposition

83-year-old travel TV veteran, Judith Chalmers is crowned the nation’s all-time leading icon of holiday programmes and stars in parody video highlighting latest travel trends

Sixteen years since “Wish You Were Here…?” last aired, Travel Republic has teamed up TV travel icon Judith Chalmers to explore the most extreme ‘woke’ trends on holiday and how the traditional British holiday is changing, after new research shows holidaymakers are becoming more conscious about their behaviour.

Research commissioned by the online travel agent revealed Judith as the nation’s all-time leading TV travel icon, making her the ideal candidate to experience everything from the faux pas of ordering a sexually suggestive cocktail to the latest wellness trend of ‘gonging’ in her humorous comeback video titled “Woke You Were Here…?”.

The video explores how the traditional British holiday is changing as British travellers are becoming increasingly more ‘woke’ and conscious about their behaviour, including avoiding causing offence and seeking out more mindful experiences over nightlife when on vacation.

Almost half of Brits (45%) believe the term ‘beach body ready’ is unacceptable and nearly a third of Brits (29%) disapprove of suggestive cocktail names such as Sex on the Beach and Porn Star Martini. When it comes to the tradition of reserving a sun lounger with a towel at breakfast time, over a third of us (38%) think it is unacceptable, and 15% admit to doing it but feeling guilty.

Other ‘unacceptables’ on holiday include showing off expensive hotel rooms or meals on Instagram (37%), wearing indigenous clothing (29%) and haggling over prices (19%). One-in-three (31%) think talking only in English to locals is unacceptable and doing so is the biggest source of guilt for one-in-four (26%) of us.

But some of our favourite hotel offerings haven’t changed as the features Brits found most attractive are an ‘All You Eat Buffet’ (83%) and a Cocktail Bar (76%), showing we still like to live guilt-free on holiday. Piers Morgan will also be reassured that the word ‘Vegan’ appealed to just (34%) of Brits.

Judith Chalmers said: “When I started in the 1970s, the package holiday was still a recent innovation. Menus were meaty, postcards were saucy, and the only form of mindfulness was sitting by the pool with a large glass of sangria. For many, that’s still the perfect holiday.

Travel has moved with the times, reflecting changing trends and attitudes. Whether you want a juicy steak or kale juice, to party all night, be at one with nature, or cleanse your body and soul, there’s a holiday for everyone. Just be sure to check that the resort you’re going to fits in with your tastes and needs, or you could end up wishing you weren’t there”.

Chalmers, 83, spent 30 years as presenter of ITV’s ‘Wish You Were Here…?’ before she hung up her sunhat in 2003. Famous for her impartial advice and introducing Brits to new, exotic destinations such as Benidorm and Majorca, Judith’s comeback recommends holidaymakers that when booking a truly woke all-inclusive holiday, make sure it is the right holiday for them.

Frank Rejwan, Managing Director, Travel Republic added: “We are not surprised Judith is the nation’s favourite TV Travel icon, she was a pioneer who introduced generations of Brits to new destinations and travel trends. As we head into a new era of travel, we felt Judith was the best person to experience the extremes of a ‘woke’ holiday.

Travel Republic has the broadest range of over 300,000 hotels in 1,000 holiday locations, so we can confidently offer the perfect holiday for everyone, whether they are looking for the latest in wellness trends or the all you can eat buffet.”

To accompany the video content Travel Republic is also launching a ‘Woke Collection’ on their website, featuring a selection of hotels across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia, and the Indian Ocean. The properties featured in the collection are working to ensure they are environmentally sustainable and supporting their local communities. For further information, visit