How do the Benidorm cast compare to real holidaymakers?

Hooray, Benidorm has returned to our screens! We love this show, not only because it’s set in one of our most popular locations, but it also features one of our customer favourites! In case you didn’t know the hotel where Benidorm is filmed, it is in fact the Sol Pelicanos- Ocas Hotel. If you want to find out all about the hotel then make sure you read this previous blog.

In this blog I wanted to take a look at the Benidorm TV show cast and have a look at how they compare to typical holidaymakers and hotel staff you’d find in Benidorm. They make us laugh, they make us cry, but is there actually any truth in the characters of the show? Lets take a look at some of the Benidorm cast and see.

The Garvey Family

The Garvey Family
The Garvey family consists of Mick, Janice, Michael and Telle (no longer on the show). They travel to Benidorm every year on holiday and can often be found relaxing around the Solana pool. They tend to argue a lot, but deep down they are a close knit family. Mick likes the quiet life, however that doesn’t often happen! Janice is a feisty woman who won’t be crossed, but she’s a sweetheart if she likes you.

family fun in Benidorm: Lots of families travel together to Benidorm and many enjoy coming back to the same hotel each year. Of course some families do argue on holiday, but maybe not quite to extent of the Garveys!

Madge Harvey

Madge Harvey
Being Janice’s mother, Madge is actually part of the Garvey family, but she’s such a big character I felt she needed her own section. Madge is a sun worshipper, so much so her skin is a leathery brown. She’s foul mouthed and is often barking at people from her mobility scooter. Madge never holds back and is not afraid to offend.

Seniors in Benidorm: Benidorm is popular with all ages, in particular with the older generation. Mobility scooters are available to hire in the resort, so you will see some people driving around in them. That’s about it when it comes to comparison; Madge is definitely one of a kind!

Les Benidorm

Les or Lesley
Les is a friendly and hardworking barman who always has a smile on his face (apart from in this photo). He also goes by Lesley as he is a transvestite and is often skating around the pool collecting cocktail orders.

Benidorm welcomes all: Benidorm welcomes all types of people and you’ll find there are many drag acts within the main centre. You’ll also find Benidorm is an excellent host with fabulous service.

The oracle benidorm

Geoff Maltby (The Oracle)
This season we see the return of Johnny Vegas’s character ‘The Oracle’. The Oracle is a competitive mummy’s boy, who happens to be extremely skilled when it comes to trivia. Naturally The Oracle is a star at pub quizzes and often organises new competitions in which he can compete, which is shown to have disastrous consequences.

Benidorm for serious pub quizzers: The Oracle loves his mum who he travels with, and Benidorm is an excellent place to travel for families of all types and ages. If you also love pub quizzes, then you’ll be more than satisfied with Benidorm’s offering, plenty of opportunities to show off your skills!

The stewarts Benidorm

The Stewarts
Jacqueline and Donald Stewart have been frequent in the show; they are a friendly and loving couple who happen count swinging as their main hobby. The couple are very open about their preferences and often overshare with guests (which can be very funny viewing!). Donald has been coming to Benidorm for 20 years and he loves nothing more than taking advantage of the all inclusive board.

Room for swingers?: Like I said Benidorm welcomes all types of characters and the Stewarts are wonderful characters, but I can’t say they are the typical Benidorm holidaymaker!

I would have to say that the Benidorm cast certainly showcase what people love about Benidorm but they are definitely exaggerated characters that are not your everyday holidaymaker.

Are you a fanatic of the Benidorm TV show? Anyone you think I’ve missed off?


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