Life at 40,000ft with Emirates

Last month we were getting excited for the return of the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, one of the Middle East’s most anticipated sporting events.

Of course, the Rugby Sevens itself is an exciting experience, but so is getting there – especially when you fly with Emirates.

From the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you step off the plane, Emirates takes care of you every step of the way.

Emirates’ economy class offers flyers unparalleled comfort, with plush seating – complete with ample legroom and cosy fleece blankets – delicious meals and over 2,500 entertainment channels at your disposal. All of Emirates A380 and select Boeing 777 aircraft also boast free Wi-Fi, so you can keep up to date with your emails whilst up in the air.

When it comes to dining, Emirates economy serves a menu of long-time favourites and new creations, allowing you to sample flavours from across the world. Match your meal with a glass of wine, or choose something from the range of complimentary beverages.

If all of that still isn’t enough for you then why not bump yourself up to first class? Emirates boasts one of the finest first class experiences, with every minute detail taken care of. From private amenity kits filled with perfume and lip balm to moisturising sleepwear to keep your skin from drying out while you rest, you’ll lack for nothing as a first class flyer.

You’ll have your own private suite to relax in, with privacy doors screening you from the rest of the world; it’s the perfect hub to rest, eat and amuse yourself with in-flight entertainment.

Sound good? We’re offering a range of bespoke 5-night Dubai holiday experiences, created with the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens in mind, all including flights with Emirates Airline. Get planning today!