10 Unusual Holiday Ideas

Are you looking for something a little bit different from your next holiday? If the thought of heading for a classic beach holiday doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe a trip to one of our 10 unusual and different holiday ideas just might tick the right boxes.

After all, not everyone wants to spend their holiday exclusively relaxing in the sun – for some, time away is the perfect chance to take part in different activities that you wouldn’t usually do back home. Why not try out these exciting experiences?

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Yes, you read that right, you can actually swim with pigs! One Bahamian island is known as the home for a family of pigs – about 20 of them, in fact. This uninhabited island is called Big Major Cay – or Pig Beach as the locals call it – has been the pigs’ habitat for years and people can’t get enough of the experience.

When arriving at the beach, these pigs will happily doggy paddle towards your boat (in exchange for food, of course) and if you’re feeling a little hot and need to cool down, just jump in and enjoy some time with your new friends.

Holidays to Bahamas

Roll down a hill in a plastic ball in New Zealand

Rolling down a plastic ball? Otherwise known as zorbing. This is where a participant is secured inside an inner capsule in a large, transparent ball that’s then rolled along the ground or down hills, reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. Don’t worry, you’ve got a cushion between you and the ground to protect yourself – so strap yourself in and go for a roll. It’s great fun!

Holidays to New Zealand

Surf down a river in Germany

Inland Germany might be miles away from sandy shores and ocean waves but you can still get your surf on. Head to Eisbach in Munich for a day of surfing down the river, said to be some of the best surfing in the whole of Europe. A word of advice though – this is only suited for surfers with a bit of experience and not complete beginners.

Holidays to Germany

Go tobogganing without the snow in Portugal

Snow sports, without the snow? Believe it or not, it is possible. This popular tourist attraction in Portugal allows you to be pushed down the streets in a wooden toboggan by two men in straw hats. Okay, so it sounds a little odd, but it’s brilliant fun and the perfect way to see some of the sights.

Holidays to Portugal

Cockroach racing in Australia

This event happens every Australia Day – 26 January – and is one of their biggest fiestas. So, if you’re in Australia for some winter sun and a long-haul holiday, check it out. You can either bring your very own creepy crawly or purchase one at the rink. The best thing about this rather unusual activity is that if you win you will receive a cash price. You also get to name your cockroach whatever you like.

Holidays to Australia

Snow skiing in Dubai

While you may be thinking you need a huge mountain covered with snow for you to be able to get your snowboard or skis out, think again. You can go skiing in the desert thanks to Dubai’s indoor ski centre, located in the Emirates Mall – one the largest shopping centres in the world. This allows for a whole day of fun, for a group of friends or a family, and gives you the chance to ski or toboggan. Take a chairlift ride and enjoy some simply incredible views.

Holidays to Dubai

Dog sledding in Finland, Lapland

Dog sledding in Lapland is a fun and exciting way for you explore and see all the glorious landscapes. You’ll speed off on the snow behind a heel of energetic and ridiculously cute dogs who love to run around and race. It’s an experience the dogs love too – it helps them exercise and do what they love best, run around.

Holidays to Finland 

Get covered in snakes in Israel

This might not be for everyone but if you have a love and fascination for reptiles, this is a unique experience. As part of a holiday spa treatment in Israel, you can get covered in snakes. Locals believe that having physical contact with these reptiles can be a relaxing experience and can help you feel better about yourself. The snakes used are all non venomous so you’ll be entirely safe.

Holidays to Israel

Listen to singing trees in Denmark

Who needs humans to listen to song? The Park of Music is located in Kildeparken, in the centre of the city of Aalborg. Back in 1987, Sir Cliff Richard planted a tree here when he performed at the Congress & Culture Centre. Since then, many more artists have joined in and added their own marks to the trees. Some are accompanied by the artist’s music and are activated when people press a button at the foot of the tree.

Holidays to Denmark

Your holiday can be as laid back or exciting as you choose to make it – if you want to inject a bit of fun and adventure into your time away, there are lots of unusual activities to try.