Unusual Things To Do In Dubai

Along with its spectacular beaches and world famous skyline, Dubai holidays offer thrilling adventures, out of the ordinary theme parks and exotic dining experiences. The city really tops the records for its once in a a lifetime experiences too, so we’ve put together some of our favourite unusual things to do in Dubai to inspire your travels.

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Join the party at Dubai’s Bollywood Parks

A theme park that’s a little unusual, Bollywood Parks Dubai is the world’s first Bollywood theme park, so it’s ideal for a unique day out for the whole family.

This fantastic resort which is part of Dubai Parks & Resorts, offers five themed zones with 16 rides and attractions plus Jaan E Jigar – the first Broadway style Bollywood musical in the region with state of the art visual effects, larger than life sets and a captivating cast.

Bollywood Parks, Dubai

Glide over the city on the world’s longest urban zipline

Anyone looking for an adrenalin rush will love Dubai’s XL zipline. Running between the skyscraper’s in Downtown Dubai, the 3,200 ft long ride is the longest urban zipline in the world.

Daredevils will love this unique opportunity to see the city from new heights as they fly over the streets at 50mph!

Dubai Miracle Garden                            

Take a break from the city and find respite at this breathtaking garden. Dubai Miracle Garden has 45 million flowers, sculptures and displays that are guaranteed to brighten up everyone’s mood (as well as their Instagram feed).

Chillout Ice Lounge

Chillout Ice Lounge puts a new meaning to the word cool. This unusual bar in Times Square Center is a freezing -6 degrees and features ice seating, tables and sculptures illuminated by shades of pink and purple.

Due to regulations in the country, there’s no alcohol sold, however visitors can enjoy a range of mocktails, hot chocolate and even hot food, so it’s ideal for kids too.

Take a break from the heat at Ski Dubai

With soaring temperatures all year round, you might not expect Dubai to be a great destination for skiing. Located indoors in Dubai’s large shopping mall, Ski Dubai offers 22,500 square metres of indoor skiing, and makes for an unusual way to cool down from the UAE’s scorching heat.

This indoor resort is great for those with previous experience, however there are also lessons available for those new to the sport, meaning no one needs to miss out on the fun. Wrap up, its -4 degrees!

Dine on 23 carat gold Ice Cream at Scoopi Café

Dubai is one of the most luxurious and exclusive cities in the world, so it make’s sense that the ice-cream at Dubai’s Scoopi café is richer than most. The black diamond dessert is the cafes signature dish, and with its topping of 23-carat gold it’s no surprise this ice cream is the most expensive in the country.

Made Madagascan vanilla, Iranian Saffron and Italian truffles, it comes with a keepsake silver spoon to eat it with. At 2999 AED (£588) a bowl, it’s made for those with expensive taste.

Surf the dunes with Sandboarding Dubai

Dubai’s sand dunes offer the opportunity to experience a different type of surf. Head out of the city and into the surrounding dessert and enjoy the thrill of riding the dunes when you book one of Dubai’s sandboarding experiences.

The city’s surrounding dessert has some of the biggest dunes in the country, making for a truly unique and exhilarating day out. You can also combine the activity with dune bashing for those looking for more thrills.

Reach new heights in Ras Al Khaimah

Discover an upcoming Emirate in Ras Al Khaimah. Just one hour’s drive away from Dubai, the UAE’s Northernmost Emirate is home to the impressive Jebel Jais Mountain.

Mountainous terrain makes it a popular destination for rock climbing, with plenty of company’s offering tours for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll find the world’s longest zipline, The Jebel Jais Flight, here too measuring 2.8km.

Explore Dubai’s Gold Souk

You don’t have to be a millionaire to visit Dubai’s spectacular Gold Souk. This fantastic traditional market in the business district is a winding labyrinth of shops selling gold, silver and other precious metals.

Anyone who fancies making a purchase should be prepared to haggle! With over 300 vendors, finding a treasure to take home will be easy. Top tip: Most will drop the price, but they drive a hard bargain.

Experience a Sky Dive in Dubai

You’ll see the city from a whole new perspective with Sky Dive Dubai. Experience amazing views over the iconic Palm Jumeriah Island or over the desert at 120 miles an hour, for a once in a lifetime trip.

Not just for the experienced, Sky Dive Dubai offers tandem jumps attached to an experienced instructor, as well as solo jumps for licensed skydivers. It’s possibly the greatest high in Dubai.

Play a game of Camel Polo

Get ready for the most unusual (and hilarious) experience with your friends. Camel Polo is a popular pastime with locals in Dubai and this unique version of the traditional sport will through a few surprises your way. Due to booking restrictions, it’s best for those visiting in groups. Luckily, no prior training is required and full safety briefs are given beforehand.

Savour a date tasting experience

If you’re interested in learning about the culinary delights of Dubai, then leave some time for a date tasting experience. Along with sampling 10 different varieties of dates – one of the country’s most popular exports – you’ll also get the chance to learn about UAE culture, its tea and coffee, and the Arabic language. A great excursion for couples.